Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 16: Internet shopping and letting go

During the 40 Day Yoga Challenge, we were asked to consider giving up something.  Initially, I thought we were going to be required to give up caffeine and alcohol and sugar, but these teachers are embracing a gentler encouraging style (this is Berkeley, home of anti-authoritarianism, after all.)  Rather than requiring adherence to a strict set of rules, the teachers have suggested the path we might consider, leaving the decisions up to us.

In relief that I wasn't required to give up caffeine and alcohol - though I'm consciously trying to reduce my consumption of both - I've sworn off random online shopping for the 40 Days.  It's been easy to justify internet shopping, as my wardrobe has slowly been going through a major upgrade from grad student clogs and hoodies to professional professorial chic.  I typically have a hard time finding things I like when I set out to purposely shop, so when I see something that appeals to me, I tend to buy it.  Still, my online shopping has been a little haphazard, and doesn't always fill in the necessities for my closet.  This little break will allow me to be more aware of what I have and what I truly need. 

These beauties caught my eye today.  Maybe they'll find a good home with someone who's not on a shopping ban.

Tucker, via Piperlime

Via Piperlime


Dina said...

Crazy cute shoes!

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Amy said...

I've got to have that dress now! I love the colors and the pattern.

Phillip Brunelle said...

Thanks for the post, I just sat down on my computer and found this tab open, another tab with an order confirmation, and my credit card resting on the desk... she is off to bed and I'm left scratching my head... hmm... lol

outdoor weddings said...

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ann @ wedding favors said...

WOW! The shoe is awesome! Most of my colleagues are using it when we go out. Very fashionable and easy to carry. ;)

Hochzeits DJ said...

Nice shoes, dress and also to remember, I married in Hawaii (Maui) barefoot! Loved it!

Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co said...

Love the shoes...though I could never walk on those...

Chantal said...

Great outfit and shoes. It is hard to not shop online but I think it is a good idea to watch spending.

Pamela Ritche said...

Nice shoes. Very beautiful dress also. Did you buy those from American Bridla

Jesica Arbart said...


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funeral flowers canada said...

Cute and amazing shoes. Wonder if they the strap are made of rubber of leather.

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